Elan Home Systems has been the leading manufacturer of innovative, distributed audio/video and home automation systems since 1989. The company’s systems were the first to integrate audio, video, phones and third-party products to create a seamless easy-to-use “whole house” experience. Their unique products provide complete lifestyle, feature rich-solutions, yet can be configured to meet the specific needs of every home or business.

Elan Home Systems Z-Series

Cost effective and feature rich, the basic Z·Series system allows you to listen to up to 6 sources independently in 3 different listening areas called “zones”. The system is expandable to a maximum of 12 zones. Other Z·Series components can be added to the system that allow you to view up to 8 video sources independently on any TV () or communicate throughout the home using your standard touch-tone telephones ().

Elan Home Systems HD Series

The cream of ELAN’s crop, the basic HD Series allows you to listen and view up to 10 audio/video sources independently in 10 different areas, called “zones”. The system is expandable all the way up to 24 zones. HD is a fully modular and fully programmable system, meaning that it can be configured to meet your needs and lifestyle to a tee. Tried and true, ELAN’s HD Series has been considered a benchmark of functionality and flexibility by both custom audio/video installers and homeowners for over 10 years.

Elan Home Systems S-Series

     Introducing the ELAN™ System6–giving you the freedom to move about your home, and get one button, instant access to any music you want to hear–anywhere, anytime. Hear the same or different music in different rooms at the same time. And, all from just one amazing little product. But talk about power. Easy to command, lots to enjoy. And of course, great sound.

NuVo brings the advanced technology of superior home sound together with the simplicity of user-friendly design, all at a price that is easy to live with. NuVo Home Audio Systems can make your home environment a better place to be.

NuVo Technologies Simplese

The Simplese Dual Source Audio Distribution System by NuVo delivers clean, pure sound from two distinct sound sources to four distinct sound zones in the home all at a cost comparable to many single-source systems.

NuVo Technologies Essentia

Essentia delivers the startlingly clear sound of NuVo from up to six different sources, and to six different listening zones in the house. And now, Essentia features Generation D design protocol-pure digital audio delivering energy conservation, lower heat generation, and clear, precise sound throughout your home.

NuVo Technologies Concerto

Concerto gives you the ultimate in listening power with the ability to choose from six different sound sources, delivering music to up to eight different listening zones in the home. Plus, Generation D design protocol utilizes digital amplification for energy conservation, lower heat generation, and clear, precise sound.


 Owi specializes in manufacturing outdoor, weatherized and water-proof loudspeakers, Owi is the pioneer of this type of loudspeaker. Owi also offers surface mounts, in-ceiling and in-wall speakers with accessories to complement the installation.

OWI Landscape Speakers

There is no better way to set the visual or acoustical ambience of a garden, landscape, pathway, courtyard, atrium, pool, patio area, or other outdoor/indoor setting than with an OWI Landscape & Garden Speaker. Producing 360° of sound and optional low voltage lighting adds to the beauty and style of the Landscape Garden Speaker. Designed and made in the U.S.A., the Landscape Garden Speaker is built to withstand more than 250 pounds of standing weight, and comes UV-light resistant, bug, puppy and lawnmower proof. Each Landscape and Garden Speaker can also be secured against most theft.