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Is Ring Video Doorbell Hack-able?

Ring Video Doorbell had a huge vulnerability – as assaulters could inject their phony video Another day, another significant security flaw Ring Video Doorbell showed to be hackable. Lois Chambers @loischambersThursdayFebruary 28, 2019 The Ring Video Doorbell had a security defect that could make it possible for an aggressor to reveal a fake video stream […]

Is a Smart Home a Great Financial Investment?

Is a Smart Home a Good Financial Investment?

If a Smart Home is an Excellent Investment, How So? Smart-home items are dropping in expense. However, they still aren’t low-cost. Wish to discover if smartening up your home is an excellent financial investment, we consulted with Angel Garcia, a real-estate home agent with 15 years of experience and the vice-president of marketing for real-estate firm […]

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How to Secure Your Home using Amazon Echo

How to Use Amazon Echo as Your Home Security System Darrell Eller. Smart Home Watch If you’re renting, you may not have the ability to set up a traditional home security system– and if you live in a small space, you most likely won’t need to. Instead, consider building your security system piecemeal with an […]

Diy home security sytems not cheap after all

DIY Home Security is really not Cheap after all

What a DIY Home Security System Will Cost You Over 5 Years PRE WIRED COMMUNICATIONS Professionals did the mathematics on systems from the major home security players. Now all you have to do is choose. With Wednesday’s relaunch of the Ring Alarm, at first exposed as Ring Secure and rapidly canceled because of a lawsuit, […]

ADT and Hi Tech Home Pros

Enhanced Smart Home Experience with ADT Security Services and Hi Tech Home Pros Partnership

REPORT FROM SMART HOME WATCH  Denver, Colorado (August 14, 2018) – ADT Security Services, the leading property security service provider in North America, today announced that its comprehensive smart home system now works flawlessly with Hi Tech Home Pros.   Clients can manage their Hi Tech Home Pros products from their ADT Security Services Pulseā„¢ […]

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How to entertain guests using Smart Home this summer

The art of keeping guests pleased with the connected set of Smart Home Lois Chambers – Pre Wired Communications July 18, 2018   Music? Check. Lights? Check. DJ? Check. Attention-getting, beat coordinating smart light show? Well … Summertime is a great time to display your carefully crafted smart home with your loved ones with some […]

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7 proven ways to obtain much better sleep with smart home devices

Not getting sufficient sleep? Staying up too late? Try these smart home suggestions to assist you sleep better Lois Chambers – Manhattan’s no. 1 Blogger for Smart Home  While new technology has actually propelled our every day lives forward at breakneck speeds, making many parts of our lives easier, seemingly, it’s affected us in other […]

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How Lighting and Shading Help My Company

Confession of a modern CEO– Lighting and Shading Motorized Window Treatments  Lois Chambers (Pre wired Communications)  Have you ever felt drowsy while somebody exists a sale stock in the meeting room? I have. Have you ever awaken on a Sunday morning because the light exterior is too brilliant even to open your eyes? I have! […]

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How to Avoid Triggering False Home Security Alarms?

Avoid Triggering False Home Security Alarms in 5 Simple Steps Home security surveillance has supplied households with years of protection from dangers such as burglaries, fires, weather damage as well as more. While the benefits of having a safety monitoring system surpass any drawbacks, there is one problem that remains to torment individuals: false alarms. […]

Integrate Security Camera into Your Interior Design

Nest Security Camera installation that fits your Interior Design Interior design is all about the beauty, feng shui, as well as exactly how the things in the room make an individual feel when you stroll in, whether that is the owner or among their visitors. Nonetheless, safety and security are crucial as well, but absolutely […]