PWC - Beautiful Motorized Shade

Installing Motorized Shades

Satisfy your Dream House …with Fantastic Style and Innovation, beautiful motorized shades We comprehend your desire for beauty A lot of houses have interior decoration far too delicate to be touch and not to mention to be gotten used to pave the way to the brand-new innovation we have nowadays. If there’s anything house interior […]


OLD Cellphones’s selling point

Once you are done with your OLD Cellphone and or gadgets…what do you do with it? Where to sell your OLD Cellphones and Gadgets? Do you have an old however operating PC gathering dust in your closet? An iPhone 6 that you do not use? You understand it’s time to let them go, but getting […]

PWC - Smart TV still ain't Smart enough

Smart TV still ain’t Smart enough?

How Smart TV still not so Smart after all? Let’s find out! Lots of Televisions call themselves “smart,” however most of them make use of that cloud connection solely for streaming content from sources like Netflix and pushing firmware updates. That’s terrific if you wish to catch up on the most recent season of Home […]

office automation by pwc

Automation System Benefits Your Business

The installation of Smart Home System… Is it beneficial to your workplace? Let’s find out! Banks, Structures, Workplaces and the majority of the facilities nowadays have all MODERN facilities, meaning they invested some serious cash in the automation system. Because of this sophisticated innovation, they have made the working technique simpler and more harmonized. Workplace […]

pwc - Prima Cinema installation

All about the Prima Theater

Prima Home Theater is now unveiling “Daddy’s Home” Daddy’s Home is by Will Ferrel, now you can enjoy watching it in your house today! Are you prepared for a top-notch brand and immersive theatrical experience in the convenience, security, and privacy of your home theater? That’s precisely what Prima Theater is everything about, states Prima […]

smart lighting in office by pwc

Lighting Increases Employee’s Effectivity

Lighting increase Employee’s Effectivity? Smart lighting has seen a remarkable wave in the variety of methods it can be made use of recently. From Artists taking advantage of its unlimited flexibility to produce never-been-done display screens to artists playing their tunes through the impressive speakers with bulbs, it seems like the list of ways you […]

pwc - philip hue lighting system

How to Set up Smart Lights (Philips Hue)

One of the most favorite Smart LED Lights in the planet today, the Philips Hue.. How to Set Up Philips Hue? Let’s take the lighting system to the next level utilizing Philips Color, one of the most brilliant LED light bulbs in the world. It links to lights in your house through Wi-Fi using a […]

smart lighting system by pwc

Smart Lighting good for your Health

The smart light installation in your house Is it good good for your health? let’s find out With the development of smart lighting, searching for switches and setting the state of mind lags us now. It’s apparent this new and better technique of lighting your home makes life simpler, but after reading this blog site, […]

best diy CCTV Camera

The Best DIY CCTV Cameras 2017?

If the DIY system is a right option for you… …the next action is deciding exactly what type of system to buy. If you have already been going shopping around, you comprehend there’s an extreme variety of choices… We have narrowed it down with the following finest functions: – A hub with internet access to […]

pwc - motorized shades

The DIY Motorized Shades of 2017

What are the Best DIY Motorized Shades of 2017? Find out which one suits your place! When deciding for the very best DIY Motorized Shades to set up, there are numerous things to think about. The design, pressing the button or set timers design? It resembles Smart LED bulbs: you can raise, lower, separately or […]