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The DIY Motorized Shades of 2017

What are the Best DIY Motorized Shades of 2017? Find out which one suits your place! When deciding for the very best DIY Motorized Shades to set up, there are numerous things to think about. The design, pressing the button or set timers design? It resembles Smart LED bulbs: you can raise, lower, separately or […]

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Motorized Shades in Your Home

Why Install Motorized Shade? Answer: Is it a useful Combination to your Home Automation? People nowadays are investing into Smart Home Automation because of its numerous advantages in making life easier, healthier and simpler. What will happen if your fully furnished HOME designed by a prominent interior designer and you are contemplating whether to trust […]

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Why Automate your Home this 2017?

Do not let the year pass by without automating your Home. Just recently, excellent designs have been made in making houses a bit more “tech savvy.” This development enables the homeowner to MANAGE his/her home while away from a remote control, often on a Smart device or iPad. In reality, these houses have been identified […]

Welcome to Pre-Wired

What is Pre – Wired Communications all about? Pre-Wired Communications offers a myriad of products and services such as networking solutions, structured wiring, distributed audio/video systems, and custom theater solutions. We carry an extensive line of audio systems, video systems, and digital technologies for both residential and commercial environments. The systems that we offer along […]