What is the PWC specialized in?

We are a company specializing in Digital Technologies for residential, commercial, and multiple dwelling units. We currently have a variety of system packages to meet every application, from entry level systems to the most elaborate systems available. All of our systems are installed to our company’s specifications, exceeding all current industry, builder and developer standards.

     We can assist in the creation of minimum standards for all of your residential, commercial, or MDU developments. Minimum standards are the key to offering lifestyle enhancing, feature-rich environments.

     For entry-level applications where cost is an issue, you can equip these locations with a low-cost telephone and video system. This method keeps costs down while allowing the client to upgrade their systems to meet the individual needs of the end-user.

     The pre-wire is the most crucial part of digital technologies.

Without the ability to network, distribute audio/video, or even have quality telephone systems, customers wouldn’t be able to enjoy the comforts and conveniences of today’s technology.

    If you would like more information about the available technologies in which we offer, check out some of our packages below or please visit the Digital Technologies section of this site. If you have any questions about our Value Added Service regarding Digital Technologies or if you would like to request a free quote, please visit our Contact-Us page.


Technology Upgrade Packages – Structured Wiring/Audio Prewire:


Production Builder Series                    Semi-Custom Builder Series

     If you are a potential home buyer or are planning to build a home, you can find our services offered as minimum standards or as Technology Upgrades with these fine builders and electrical contractors.