Pre-Wired Communications offers Technology Upgrades for new construction and existing homes, using UStec’s digital networking solutions.

     UStec offers an industry-leading portfolio of solutions that enables you to take full advantage of the many information, entertainment, home-security and automation products of today and tomorrow. Whether you want rapid Internet access through multiple computers, HDTV, high definition satellite, outstanding audio and video quality throughout the home or a high-tech home surveillance system, UStec‘s home networking solutions provide the structured wiring foundation to meet your lifestyle needs.

     Built from the highest-quality components, UStec solutions offer maximum flexibility, without tying you to prescribed hardware and software products. In addition, UStec systems accommodate devices from virtually any manufacturer, and we can suggest accessory packages that add the functionality you want.

     All locations can be sweep tested and certified, to ensure the best quality installation possible. Pre-Wired Communications offers top-quality installations by the most qualified personnel, at an affordable price. Along with our efficient installation practices and our superb customer service record, you can expect the best possible service.

     Please let our courteous staff assist you through the design process to help determine what your needs may be. If you would like more information about our products, you can take a look at the packages below or you may visit our Contact-Us page and we will get back to you promptly.


Technology Upgrade Packages – Structured Wiring/Audio Prewire:

Production Builder Series                   Semi-Custom Builder Series



UStec ProLAN Series

 24 inches wide – allows for an entire extra column of module bays, for a total of 26 standard bays and 2 large bays, or 16 inches wide – for the standard installation in a home or business without as many demands as that of the ProLAN24 customer. 

     Wire Management Kit – Velcro tie downs provide a system for cleaning up messy coax and twisted pair wire. Designer Aluminum Cover – blurs the line between product and sculpture, also available with a transparent gray-colored acrylic panel. The covers are also designed to be mounted on either side allowing maximum installation flexibility.

     48 inches tall – leaves enough space at the base of the tecCenter to fit all of your 3rd party electronics and power units, without having to sacrifice elsewhere. Mounting System – specially designed for the ProLAN Series, the back of the rough-in cabinet integrates a 1″ x 1″ punch board grid with unique clips for installing virtually any device. Built in power – solves the problem of the ever-increasing electricity demands of today’s electronics 

UStec iLAN MDU Series

    The iLAN MDU Series features a solution specifically designed for Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs). Compact size and space-saving design make the iLAN MDU an optimum choice for smaller environments without sacrificing performance or flexibility. And the iLAN Series’ modular framework supports both current and future solutions – as many possibilities as there are homes.

UStec tecReady Solutions

The tecReady option creates a basic infrastructure by putting high-bandwidth tecWire in place. You get the benefits of crystal-clear television pictures and multiple phone lines in up to ten locations. You can add computing capability later

UStec tecLAN Solutions

Building on the tecReady foundation, tecLAN products are designed for basic home entertainment systems. A video amplifier boosts signals over dual coaxial cabling for crisp video for eight locations in your home. High definition satellite is also available to eight locations. (depending on model)

UStec iLAN Solutions

If you use a computer, UStec‘s sleek iLAN server offers the ultimate in flexibility. The iLAN Series provides a true home network for linking your electronics. It also optimizes the capabilities of home entertainment, security and automation systems. In addition, the iLAN is specially designed to link your home to the Internet and the whole wired world. The unique design accommodates practically any gateway device – cable, DSL, satellite modem or home server. You choose the technology, it fits in UStec‘s box as part of an iLAN solution.

UStec Additional Products

     In addition to its core solutions, UStec also provides additional products to complement its systems, including a broadband amplifier, high definition multi-switches for satellite TV to multiple location, a surveillance package and a high-value accessory packages. For more details on each of these products, please visit our Contact-Us page.