PWC - Smart TV still ain't Smart enough

Smart TV still ain’t Smart enough?

How Smart TV still not so Smart after all?

Let’s find out!

Lots of Televisions call themselves “smart,” however most of them make use of that cloud connection solely for streaming content from sources like Netflix and pushing firmware updates. That’s terrific if you wish to catch up on the most recent season of Home of Cards, but it doesn’t do you much great if you’re searching for a TV that can function as a smart home focal point.

The smart centers that weren’t.

The interaction between Smart Televisions and linked home gadgetry is a two-way street. Often, it’s the smart home gadgets that attempt to make the TV-watching experience much better– in others, it’s your TELEVISION attempting to assist you to watch on, control, or interact with your smart home.

We’ve seen a great deal of potential because the Second category, however much of it has fallen short.


The Korean corporation acquired the SmartThings linked home platform back in 2014, and sure enough, you can now put select Samsung smart TV designs under control of your SmartThings center. However, at CES 2016, Samsung also assured to begin offering a “SmartThings Extend” USB dongle with that very same center hardware filled within. The idea was that you ‘d plug the thing into your TELEVISION and get rid of the requirement for a center entirely. The expected ship date? Last June 2016.

Now, practically a year later, SmartThings Extend is still no place to be discovered.

What exactly is a Smart TV? Watch this video:

Apple TV.
Apple TVs are excellent for streaming video. Nevertheless, it fizzles as a smart home controller. TV plays a crucial function in HomeKit, generally working as the platform’s gatekeeper and enabling you to access your gadgets from another location when you’re far from home. There are likewise a few third-party smart-home apps used for it, consisting of ones from video camera makers like Canary and Nest that’ll let you see your security feeds right on your TV.

The D-Link Omna
The D-Link Omna is the first Wi-Fi electronic cam that handles HomeKit. You can see its video in addition to other HomeKit-compatible gadgets in Apple’s Home app on your iOS device. Nevertheless, there’s presently no other way to see that same video utilizing Apple TV– a significant and head-scratching missed opportunity provided where the competitors are at. That’s partly on D-Link for not establishing its third-party tracking app yet, however, save some blame for Apple– the business has yet to present its own, first-party version of the Home app for Apple TV, and wouldn’t notify us whether or not one remained in the works.

Is voice manage the response?

If you utilize Apple TELEVISION, you can ask Siri to look for a particular program or run a specific app, just like the voice search that’s easily available through Alexa on Amazon Fire TELEVISION.

Lazy person paradise: Alexa and Logitech?

Sync Alexa up with your bright lights and ask her to dim things down as you’re beginning a movie, you’ll require a smart-home-friendly universal remote system like Control4 or Logitech Consistency.

Google Home speaker is contributed to your Chromecast-equipped home entertainment setup, then launch YouTube videos and Netflix shows using simple voice commands.

Still, there are restrictions.

Given that Google Cast is everything about streaming, you cannot utilize it to manage core TV functions like changing HDMI inputs. Just YouTube and Netflix are the supported video streaming services kept in mind.

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