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What is Pre – Wired Communications all about?

Pre-Wired Communications offers a myriad of products and services such as networking solutions, structured wiring, distributed audio/video systems, and custom theater solutions. We carry an extensive line of audio systems, video systems, and digital technologies for both residential and commercial environments.

The systems that we offer along with our efficient trade practices and customer service record are unparalleled, and exceed all of our clients expectations in the new construction and remodeling industries.

At Pre-Wired Communications we have established ourselves with our expertise and Value Added Services. We currently service the Houston-Metropolitan area, and are expected to expand statewide very soon.

Our company was started with the idea that digital technologies should be offered for every home and business. By digital technology we mean digital networking, distributed audio/video, top quality communications systems, and affordable custom cinemas.

We have devised a system that can turn even the oldest homes or business into a technologically advanced environment. Unlike most other companies that tailor to new construction, we see the need for digital technologies in nearly every environment. Our system has made technology for the home or business very affordable and very efficient to install, most of our systems can be installed and fully operational within 1-2 days.

Our experience comes from installing these services for service providers, while constantly attending manufacturer and industry certification courses, keeping us up to date with the most current products and available technologies.

With several years of installation experience, thorough knowledge of today’s technologies, and strategic partnerships with manufacturers and local contractors, we have an unfair advantage when it comes to digital technologies. Our top-quality products, customer service record, and affordability make us the right choice for your new construction or remodeling project.

If you would like upgrade your existing home or business, or would like your builder to offer our services, feel free to Contact Us directly, or call your builder today and tell them about us.

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